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At studio NetSouls, we believe in the enormity of outsourcing. There are so many stories about small and large companies that improved their ROI by using an outsource partner. The concept of outsourcing works great and can cut costs and add to the bottom-line of the organisation.

Here are a few tips that will help you to be successful with an outsourced project:

Ask about quality, and then about the price

Offshore development is often synonymous with cutting costs. But the objective of cutting costs should not in any way result in selection of an outsourcing partner who might compromise on quality. studio NetSouls is committed to provide maximum quality, at relatively low costs.

Always look for experience

Experience should be taken as one of the most important factors in choosing an outsourcing partner. Some companies can be excellent in implementing an in-house product, but can not do a similar job in working on outsourced projects. studio NetSouls has the expertise and can provide you with the finest on your outsourced projects.

Determine what can be outsourced

Not everything can be outsourced. Some tasks (like gathering requirements or doing the functional design) might be better done inside your company, where you have the domain expertise. studio NetSouls can help you in determining what can be outsourced and what the best way to do it is.

Keep in control with the project management

Outsourcing a project doesn’t mean that you can forget about it. To make sure the project will be finished in time and on budget, you have to keep in control and check the progress frequently. studio NetSouls is using online tools that help you to follow and track the development of your project at any point in time.

Development Methodology

Studio NetSouls is a professional software development company with committed technical and managerial resources and has built identified strengths in offshore development services. Studio NetSouls has the requisite business consulting and project management experience. We have leveraged this experience and our experiences related to various others outsourcing projects to develop a comprehensive offshore development methodology.

The guiding principles of our methodology are:

  • Process centric activity
  • Continuous, focused and formatted communication
  • Adherence to the basic tenets of Project Management (PM-Initiation, planning, execution, control and closing)
  • Implementation of measurable metrics for the life cycle of a project
  • Well defined Quality Management Systems
  • Well laid out Intellectual Property Practices

Our Clients
Our Clients

Having one vendor to support and maintain a network of your online properties can significantly reduce operation costs, give boost to network consolidation and free up your time for critical business development tasks.


Featured Project
Featured Project
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What Client Say
What Client Say
It would be a pleasure to recommend the work you did for me on setting up my website. I am really pleased with the resulting site and I found it very easy to get it up and running. The process is laid out in a logical and intuitive way and enabled me to create a site that displays my work in an environment that helps to showcase my images and not just the work of the website developer. I have had lots of praise from my clients about the site and so it is definately helped my business.

Keith Strickland
Managing Director, Small Studio Photography

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