Is India a good outsourcing destination?

Cost and quality benefits play a positive role in making India a choice destination for outsourcing of technology.

According to a study conducted by Forrester Research in November, 2001, India’s edge over other competing nations in the IT outsourcing and remote development business is based on the country’s decade old experience in this area, fluency in the English language, corporate friendly atmosphere created by liberal policies of the Government and above all quality consciousness of the industry.

Following are the criterions for choosing India as a preferred outsourcing location

  • quality and cost of labor
  • language skills
  • telecom bandwidth
  • cost and reliability
  • political stability and the enforceability of contracts
  • the general maturity of the business environment
  • senior management’s comfort in operating in different locations.

Today, there is a greater focus by MNCs on the Indian IT outsourcing and remote development market. While a large number of companies are outsourcing their software development to Indian companies, others are establishing a presence in India and participating actively in the software export arena. India can be an ideal offshore destination for remote development, remote programming and IT outsourcing due to a number of factors some of which are categorized above. India offers significant strengths in the areas of remote development of software and IT outsourcing.

How does the offshore development work?

The software development methodology does not change, whether the development is done domestically in the United States, Europe or any other part of the world. Our team works with an industry standard software development methodology. You will be in direct communication with the project manager who will track your project through all the phases of development, from needs analysis, requirements documentation, prototyping, development, testing, release, business practice integration and support.

The work will be done in our offshore office, but through the power of the Internet and through our very strong communication skills, it will feel as though we were working right in your facility.

What are the advantages that businesses gain from offshore outsourcing?

Today’s organizations must find ways to cut costs, obtain higher productivity from skilled resources and have in place best practices, de-risked business through diversification, and accelerate time-to-market for products and services.

Offshore outsourcing helps companies meet these objectives by providing:

  • cost reudctions
  • large pool of qualified talent
  • focus on core business
  • improved service quality

What are the implications of outsourcing?

How do I manage outsourcing relationships? Surveys and studies have proven that more than 90% of Fortune 1000 companies outsource some part of their IT operations. Also, their spending on offshore IT outsourcing is repetitive, i.e. they do it on a year-on-year and not experimental basis. If this is the case, why would an organization not outsource and benefit from reduction of the cost of IT initiatives.

After you have made the decision to outsource and also selected the right vendor, you need to also maintain a regular and seamless communication so as to constantly monitor the project’s progress and maximize out of the outsourcing possibility.

How can I be assured that your company can give me definite economic and technical benefits?

Remote programming and offshore programming methodologies suit projects where there is considerable clarity on the requirements of the project. The economic benefits depend on the cost of similar services in your country and the availability of such technical resources in the geographical area of your operations. studio NetSouls has proven methodologies to handle offshore programming and remote programming projects. With our project management and programming experience, we can offer you services of your choice on time and on budget every time.

In, Time and Material projects cost overruns can be expensive? How can I be sure that I don't overspend?

Our process-oriented offshore programming methodology ensures that you are in control of the project at every stage. The process of development will be delineated so that you are aware of the status of the project on an extremely close basis.

What other risks do I have by using the offshore programming methodology?

Offshore programming and remote programming methodologies run the normal risks of any offshore outsourcing projects in terms of improper specification, flawed change request procedure, improper communication protocols and poor QA and testing practices.

These flaws are accentuated in offshore programming to a great degree and should be addressed by the buyer and the supplier in the initial stages of agreement. The other risks inherent to offshore programming are inability to choose proper vendors, cultural differences and communication issues. studio NetSouls maturity level in remote programming is very high and you can rest assured that we bring down the risk to a minimum.

Can I outsource the projects and assignments that I have from my clients to studio NetSouls

Yes, we are always looking for alliance partners, who continuously outsource the assignments they have to reduce the cost of ownership of software services to their customers. We are looking at long term rewarding relationships with individuals and organizations across the globe to partner with us in making us as their extended development / technical arm. To bring synergies into the relationship and treat studio NetSouls as their offshore outsourcing base in India, please contact one of our representatives.

How do you provide project estimates and project schedules?

Before the initiation of the project, we carry out a very comprehensive scoping and estimation exercise in-house. We have onboard systems analysts who are adept at project analysis and estimation. On the basis of the work-load involved in the development phase as well as the project delivery requirements, we provide the estimate for the project.

Once when the project has been estimated and scheduled, we use Microsoft Project for scheduling the deliverables and monitoring of the project progress. We have also developed our client extranet for issue and bug tracking.

How do you handle change request and changes in project scope?

We use a time-tested change management procedure for any changes in the project. For ongoing minor changes in the running project, the changes are communicated to the project manager concerned, who gets them executed. If the changes are major and can greatly add to the work that has been estimated at the beginning of the project, then we scope creep the project again and submit the revised quote, for acceptance to the client.

What technology experience does studio NetSouls have?

studio NetSouls has worked on diverse technology platforms and build a solid backbone of technical strength, which enables us to deliver best services to our clients. studio NetSouls has worked for its various clients in the following technology areas:

  • Web-based technologies
  • Client/Server Applications
  • Web Services

Who owns the code at the end?

Our clients will own all the code, documentation, design, and conceptual ideas. We have a very strong legal process in place to assign all proprietary and ownership rights to you.

You get code files continuously in the development process. After starting the project we ensure a high-level of interactivity in the development process (status meetings happen once in week, in some projects we have international conference calls on a daily basis). Every document, design or code generated in either side is exchanged continuously and reviewed and fine tuned.


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