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Business intelligence is the key to success in today’s information age. Business intelligence is made possible by browsing through the mounds of data stored in data warehouses. studio NetSouls has built, operated and fine-tuned databases that have provided customers with leading edge information to compete in today's business environment.

studio NetSouls believes that data warehousing is not a one-time project but a continuous process of fine-tuning and upgrading systems to handle the increased volume of data and rising needs of organizations.

The data warehouse of any enterprise today is being flooded by data by the minute. Simultaneously, knowledge workers need more intensive business analysis and hence make diverse queries to the data warehouse, the result is a tremendous slow down in performance.

studio NetSouls offers a host of options to turbo charge the performance of data warehouses. Our options of improving, executing cutting edge technologies, handling queries and continuous database tuning ensures smooth and fast running of data warehouses.

The database tuning option is a continuous one and works well with relational databases that are used by most companies today. Database tuning takes advantage of the current database and preserves the database investments. Tuning is achieved by increasing indexes and summary tables etc, which avoid time consuming scans of massive fact tables.

studio NetSouls will tune data warehouses to handle even unpredictable queries that sometimes result in performance problems. We create data warehouses which analyzes and explores the data efficently and thereby adds value to our customers.

What Client Say
What Client Say
It would be a pleasure to recommend the work you did for me on setting up my website. I am really pleased with the resulting site and I found it very easy to get it up and running. The process is laid out in a logical and intuitive way and enabled me to create a site that displays my work in an environment that helps to showcase my images and not just the work of the website developer. I have had lots of praise from my clients about the site and so it is definately helped my business.

Keith Strickland
Managing Director, Small Studio Photography

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